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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation invested heavily in an intensive training program for mobility managers. The first training was held at the College of the Menominee in Keshena, WI in the spring of 2008. The New Freedom (a program of the FTA, created and funded through SAFETEA-LU) program manager, Ingrid Koch and a United We Ride Ambassador, James McLary, developed a curriculum taught in four three day conferences over three years. At the end of the second year, participants who had completed all of the curricula were tested and 18 received certificates.

At the last conference in 2009 and at the first two in 2010, certified mobility managers, with guidance from WisDOT, created and then incorporated the Wisconsin Association of Mobility Managers. The second meeting in 2010, held in River Falls at the Ho Chunk casino ended with a full meeting of the association and the formation of the first slate of officers. a small group of officers met frequently by phone and in person after that conference and wrote the by-laws. The by-laws were formally adopted in the fall of 2010.


What is a Mobility Manager?
Usually a person but occasionally an agency, mobility managers are experts in what is called person-centered transportation. Individuals who cannot or do not drive face a challenge in getting from here to there. Mobility managers take the challenge away. Mobility managers know the transportation resources available in their respective service areas, how to use those resources and how to pay for those resources. Additionally, mobility managers are advocates for those who happen to be transportation disadvantaged. That advocacy comes in many forms, from taking an active part in local planning to teaching citizens how to advocate for themselves, to speaking at public hearings, to meeting with legislators and working to create a better system.

Do Mobility Managers give rides?
Some mobility managers operate transportation services but not all do. All mobility managers know who provides transportation service. If you need a ride and don’t know where to find one, call a mobility manager.

My county does not have a Mobility Manager. How can it get one?
Start by asking at your county’s Aging and Disability Resource Center. Each county receives funding through Wis. Statute 85.21 expressly to provide transportation for individuals over age 60 and for individuals with disabilities. The person arranging that transportation is likely doing some mobility management work.

How can I become a Mobility Manager?
Send an email to the membership committee at WAMM request a membership packet. This packet contains information about becoming a Mobility Manager including the current curriculum for Mobility Manager certification.

Does the Wisconsin DOT support Mobility Management?
Yes! The DOT has been the strongest ongoing support for mobility management. The staff at the DOT’s Bureau of Transit, Local Roads, Railroads and Harbors consistently lift up, encourage and support the work of mobility management in Wisconsin. Additionally, at the federal level, mobility management projects receive preference under some CFR 49 programs.