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Members in WAMM pay $35 annually and are encouraged to serve on committees, continue their education, give presentations at one of two conferences each year and participate actively on the WAMM monthly meetings and listserv discussions.

WAMM members have the opportunity to pursue certification. To become a certified Mobility Manager send an email to our Professional Development Committee and a committee member will contact you with the curricula, process, and expectations.

Members are encouraged to share stories of mobility management successes. Send an email to mmlist@wi-mm.org to share your story!

Membership Renewal
Membership renewals are easy! You can register and pay by going here, or you can send $35 to WAMM at 138 S. Iowa Street,  Dodgeville, WI, 53533 and be certain to provide your name so you can be properly credited.

New Members
If you are interested in becoming a member, please send an email with your name, agency, contact information and whether or not you are interested in certification to membership@wi-mm.org.